Bulgur Pilaf- Broccoli Bulgar Pilaf

Brocolli Bulgur Pilaf

This Broccoli Bulgur Pilaf is the third recipe in my series on ancient grains. Thanks for hanging with me, as I explore these amazing food sources, each of which, differ from each other, but share so much in common. Bulgur is the groat, or berry, of the wheat plant, most of the time from durum wheat.Read more

Mushroom Barley Soup – Barley Soup Recipe

Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom Barley Soup is the second recipe in my series on Ancient Grains. I’m sure you’re familiar with barley, especially in its fermented liquid form, but you can put barley into your diet in other ways besides a cold one on a Friday night. Which, I’m certainly not judging, by the way. That is still, andRead more

Farro Risotto With Winter Squash

Farro Risotto

I’m kicking off the New Year with a series of ancient grain recipes, beginning with this Farro Risotto. I’ve been exploring ancient grains for a while now. I’m excited by their incredible nutritional value, ease of cooking, and deliciousness. Whole grains are also a super economical way to get some powerhouse nutrition. All cultures have known thisRead more

Cajun Seasoning – Easy Cajun Spice Blend

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun seasoning is easy to make and tastes better than store-bought blends. When you make your own spice blends, you have control over the flavours. You can easily customize it for your own signature blend by adding more of one or less of another ingredient. This Cajun spice recipe is made with ingredients that youRead more

Salmon, Spinach Mandarin Orange Salad

Salmon, Spinach, Mandarin Orange Salad

Sometimes you just wing it, and end up with something just amazingly delicious. This Salmon, Spinach, Mandarin Orange Salad is one of those times. We had leftover, grilled salmon and it was too delicious to waste. So we threw together some great ingredients to make a salad one afternoon for lunch. I think we tend to eatRead more

Pomegranate Mandarin Cheesecake

Pomegranate Mandarin Cheesecake

I love cheesecake, both the eating and the making of it. You can use so many different flavours, from the crust to the topping. With this one, I wanted to make something festive to bring to a holiday gathering, and both pomegranate and mandarin fit the bill for festive. The two fruits complement each otherRead more