Caprese Caesar Cocktail – Canada Day Caesar Drink

Caprese Caear Drink

The Caesar Drink is a quintessential Canadian cocktail.  Although the origins of the drink are questionable, it was supposedly invented in Calgary in 1969. Regardless of where it came from, the Caesar is Canada’s most popular cocktail. I think a lot of Canadians can relate to trying to order a Caesar when travelling in the USA. Usually, a blank stareRead more

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Baked Breakfast Spinach, Cheese, Bacon Egg Cups

  Wasting food really bugs me. But I still do it. In spite of my frequent bursts of organizational frenzy, too often, I’ll put leftover food into a container or zipper bag. Then, I put it in the freezer and promptly forget about it. Months later, I’ll come across a freezer burnt, discolored mystery inRead more

Spanish Stuffed Peppers with Farro & Salsa Verde

Spanish Stuffed Peppers with Farro and Salsa Verde

  Stuffed Peppers have always been a favorite of mine. Especially this time of year when I have peppers in my garden. I’ve been picking the peppers a little small, so today when I had a bunch of them, I knew I wanted to stuff those little babies. They are at various stages of yellow,Read more

Roasted Pumpkin Hummus – Pumpkin Dip for Fall

Roasted Pumpkin Hummus

  Roasted Pumpkin Hummus is a great way to use some of this season’s abundance of pumpkins showing up in markets everywhere. When I saw this cute little mini pumpkin, I knew I had to use it for making this roasted pumpkin hummus, and then for serving it, too. Roasting fresh pumpkin, like roasting just aboutRead more

Balsamic & Honey Roasted Beets

Thank you root veggies! I’m grateful that we have beets, carrots, winter squash, turnips, rutabaga, and all the other winter keepers, as the growing season winds down and we head into winter. We need to keep our veggie intake high, especially in the winter when the fresh and local stuff  is scarce. Beets are long keepers, and theirRead more