Sweet & Smoky Barbecue Sauce – Homemade BBQ Sauce

Homemade Barbecue Sauce

Homemade Barbecue Sauce is easy to make and gives you control over ingredients. Barbecue season is finally here and it’s time to get grilling. It’s a treat to have your own homemade barbecue sauce on hand for slathering on ribs, chicken, and steaks. In a homemade sauce, every ingredient is real and pronounceable, which isRead more

Chocolate Pretzel Patties – No Bake Chocolate Treats

Chocolate Pretzel Patties

Chocolate Pretzel Patties. What more can I say? Chocolate, crunch, salt. Together, that pretty much equals yum, does it not?  When a chocolate craving comes on, you don’t always want to wait for something to come out of the oven. With these no bake treats, you don’t have to. And sometimes, the craving is not justRead more

Lasagna – Perfect Meat Lasagna Recipe

Meat Lasagna

This recipe is a meat lasagna, just like the one that most of us all grew up on. It’s incredibly delicious. I made my first ever lasagna with meat sauce from scratch when I was 18. I used the recipe from the Joy of Cooking, and I followed it to the letter. And, It turned outRead more