Wild Asparagus- Foraging for Asparagus

Wild Asparagus


Wild Asparagus
Wild Asparagus

Wild Asparagus is one of the nicest treats of spring. Fresh local asparagus is a treat in itself, but foraged asparagus takes it up a notch.

We live in an amazing place. I know this every morning when I have my coffee and watch the white tailed deer walking through my yard. I know this every evening when I come home from work, and pass the herds of big horn sheep hanging out on our narrow winding road. We live in the beautiful Okanagan valley in British Columbia, Canada. And I am fortunate to live on a little delta on the Okanagan lake. This place has a colourful history and has it's own unique eco system.

The delta of land where our home sits was once part of a vast estate of a very wealthy Scotsman who knew a lot about irrigation and channeled the waterfall that cascades down our mountain into gardens, orchards, and a dairy farm.

Our little delta has changed hands many times since then, but the legacy still remains. We still have lilac shrubs growing in a field around the foundation of a long ago demolished farmhouse. Once cultivated apple trees, now feral, still feed the deer and the bears.

The creek that the waterfall feeds into is steps from our home. We have our bedroom window open at this time of year, so that the sound of the roaring waterfall can sing us to sleep.

But what I started this post about, was wild asparagus. Someone, back in that Scotsman's day, clearly planted asparagus, because we have wild asparagus to harvest.

If you have ever tasted wild, organic asparagus that you just picked two minutes ago and threw into a steamer, steamed for a couple of minutes and then just butter (yes, butter!)  and salt, then you know how happy I was tonight.

It can't get any better.

Wild Asparagus
Wild Asparagus


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