Preserving Fresh Herbs – 6 Ways For Summer Flavour Year Round

Fresh Garden Herbs

Fresh herbs are such a joy for cooks (and eaters). I’m always excited to see the first spring shoots, usually chives and parsley, showing their heads in the herb garden. By midsummer the herb garden is flourishing with them as well as basil, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, dill, sage, mint, lavender and oregano. Everything coming from my kitchenRead more

Chicken Stock – Easy Homemade Stock

Chicken Stock. Hands down one of the true staples in every (non vegetarian) kitchen. Stock forms the basis for countless recipes. For that reason, it needs to be good. You can buy it in the store, usually  loaded with sodium, MSG, and many other unpronounceable ingredients, and is it good?  If you care about great taste, goodRead more