Turkey Breast Salad – Turkey, Pomegranate, Bacon, Walnut Salad

Turkey Breast Salad - Turkey, Pomegranate, Bacon, Walnut Salad
Turkey Breast Salad – Turkey, Pomegranate, Bacon, Walnut Salad

This Turkey Breast Salad is phenomenal, guys! I really love cooking with turkey. It's just such a versatile protein that can be enjoyed in all sorts of recipes. Check out the delicious variety of great recipes, as well as how to videos, prep and serving information on the Turkey Farmers of Canada's useful and informative website; Tasty Turkey  Those guys are on top

This great protein has a special affinity for tart and fruity complements, which mostly makes people think about cranberries, of course. Cranberries are perfect with this tasty bird. But this time I wanted to do something different. So for this salad, I used pomegranate, both the seeds, (on the salad itself) and the juice (in the dressing).

Pomegranates  compliment turkey in a freshly surprising and delicious way. With crisp fresh arugula, salty bacon, (yes, bacon, makes every dish better!) and toasted walnuts. And then,a slightly spiced honey lime pomegranate vinaigrette, this salad tastes fresh and delicious, looks pretty, and satisfies all the senses. It's kind of like a club sandwich without the bread, really. Except, with a whole lot more flavours going on.

You can make this salad with leftover turkey breast, or you can buy a fresh breast and roast it, or try it on the grill. Like this Cranberry Glazed Barbecued Turkey Breast , which is a perfect solution to a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner when you don't have a big crowd. Or if you only like the white meat. You can even buy pre cooked turkey breast pieces, too, in most grocery stores.

This delicious turkey breast salad makes a satisfying lunch or light dinner any time of the year.

You can find the recipe here at :Turkey Pomegranate Salad

This recipe makes 2 full meal salads, or four starters..


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